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1st Place Matters!

Because Being in 1st Place Matters People look at the 1st Ad Businesses pay more for Top Visibility The First Place Ad gets more Calls! Especially if you intend to be 1st If you’ve seen the AAA Auto Parts Video on our the 1-Pizza Home Page or are familiar with AAA – The Motor club…

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What is a Memory Trigger?

What is a Memory Trigger? A memory trigger is something that ‘triggers’ someone’s memory to think about something else. In this case by association. Here’s an example of a memory trigger: When I see an old barn on TV I think of the farm I grew up on. Good one KiiWii! How do you make…

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You Know Why Pizza Hut Bought

You Know Why Pizza Hut Bought for $2.6M Pizza Hut wanted to secure the #1 position in search results. Because they wanted to protect their brand as the market leader. And because they could… Pizza Sales in the US exceed $35B annually The US Pizza business is competitive! According to Google, here are about…