Image of KiiWii asking, "Who ya gonna call?" - a memory trigger

What is a Memory Trigger?

What is a Memory Trigger? A memory trigger is something that ‘triggers’ someone’s memory to think about something else. In this case by association. Here’s an example of a memory trigger: When I see an old barn on TV I think of the farm I grew up on. Good one KiiWii! How do you make…

KiiWii the cartoon chameleon says: 1st Place Makes Money

Why Being in 1st Place Makes Money

1st Place Makes Money for Business. Making Money in 1st Place People look at the 1st Ad The First Place Ad gets more Calls! Especially if you intend to be 1st Customers notice! 1st Place Ad Gets Rewarded with the Business.   Being in 1st Place Matters Half the battle is showing up… Alpha-numeric superiority…