1-Pizza Branding and a bit of history.

1-Pizza.com History

Numbers That Work (NTW)

  • Orig NTW concept Spring 2007

  • Analyzed 7,000 keywords as “Keyword” domain names to purchase

    • Selected 700 to buy

    • On buy day, Nov 6, 2007 only 400 of the domains we analyzed were available

    • ya, 300 of the names we liked were already registered

  • Registered 400+ Domain names Nov 2007

  • 2008 pizza.com sold for $2.4M

    • pizza.net sold shortly thereafter for $1.1M

  • Yp.com — Jan 14, 2009 – Today internet history was made with the acquisition of the domain name YP.com for an eye popping $3.85 million.

  • Pushing forward to 2013, we retained 18 domain names that follow the 1-Dash Keyword Concept

  • Internet Rollback Machine – NTW Rollback Link

1Pizza wanted us to buy their 1pizza.com domain name

Cartoon chameleon says, "KiiWii - Yuck Sushi and pizza"We told them it didn’t look like a phone number.

The phone went silent….

This began the Pizza Cold War.

Shortly thereafter, 1Pizza.com gave up and left the US for Russia where they sell sushi and pizza. In Russia the dash is not part of the phone overlay system like it is here in the United States. This proved the value for 1-Pizza.com over domain names that just stick a number in front of a keyword.

With proper branding, a few pizza ovens, pizza chefs and phones, 1-Pizza will function as a pizza brand with a built in connector between the internet and phones. Crappy cell phone service is why people still call to order pizza.

KiiWii’s got this one……

1-Dash Keyword Domain Concept and 1-Pizza FAQ

No we’re not internet visionaries… far from it. We solve business problems and seized a few 1-Keyword domain names while we had the opportunity as part of the Internet ‘land’ grab.

Cartoon chameleon - 1-Pizza Branding Sorry your name makes you last because it’s alphabetically challenged…

1-Dash Keyword Domain Names

1-Keyword domain names are long on connecting the dots to “phone centric” business models.