1Pizza.com Yuck!

The 1Pizza.com domain name (without a hyphen) was once used in Russia to sell anchovy pizzas. Yuck!
It doesn’t have a hyphen like US phone numbers so it doesn’t have a memory trigger for US residents to make people think about calling for a pizza. Yuck!

Not only is that some nasty pizza the domain name had no value in the USA or any country that uses the number one (1) without a hyphen. That’s because United States phone numbers are preceded with the number 1 and a hyphen.

1-Pizza.com follows the standard for USA and Canadian phone numbers; the number one followed with a hyphen and the keyword PIZZA. By associating our domain name 1-Pizza.com with phone numbers we’ve added a “memorability factor or feature.”

Short keyword domain names are the most valuable of all domain names because of marketability.