Because Being in 1st Place Matters

  • People look at the 1st Ad
  • Businesses pay more for Top Visibility
  • The First Place Ad gets more Calls!
    • Especially if you intend to be 1st

If you’ve seen the AAA Auto Parts Video on our the 1-Pizza Home Page or are familiar with AAA – The Motor club organization… you know why they chose a name that begins with an A.

  • It’s because they wanted to be the 1st name seen.
  • Listed 1st reinforces that they want calls.
  • Answering the phone is an important business strategy!

Visibility matters so mind things matter!

Choosing a proper business name and securing complimenting marketing assets matter because these decisions affect visibility and marketing expenses. It’s not a game when competitors are circling if proper steps have been taken to claim your name.

Name Angst

Poor Walmart – didn’t even make the list…

Image of 1-Pizza in a Yellow PhoneBook - mind things matter







KiiWii asking Walmart Pizza?Walmart?







Mind Things Matter when getting to yes…

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From the review by Melissa F. Thompson, project manager/instructional designer, in Training Magazine