1-Pizza Domain Name for Sale

1-Pizza | Pizza Website For Sale

Competing Against Pizza.com

Search for the word “Pizza” and Google has “About 1,570,000,000 results.
     Sheesh! What if  you need to compete with Pizza.com?
                 or Dominos, Little Caesars or Pizza Hut?

     Sheesh! What can you do if you want to get to Page 1 on Google for the keyword pizza?

If keyword challenged Dominos.com, PapaJohns.com or Marcos can get to “Page 1 of Google” SERP (search engine results page) then Pizza.Com and PizzaHut,com are vulnerable!

Now you may be able to see our logic! Sure it would take $millions but visibility is priceless and getting to #1 with 1-Pizza.com would cost less and be quicker to achieve.

Pizza.com is working for Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut bought Pizza.com because of the value of an easy Top Ten SERP (Search engine results page)  

Being on the 1st page of Google keeps a competitor invisible!

I suppose pizza.com is ok as a website for boosting the “mother site” pizzahut.com but it’s pretty neglected. The website is mobile friendly but one would think it’s somewhat embarrassing to Pizza Hut. 

If the domain name Purple.com was sold for $900,000

It shows that if someone wants, needs or likes a domain name it can have intrinsic value one wouldn’t suspect.

If the stakes are high people will buy a domain name to keep a competitor from getting it.

  • Pizza.com sold for $2.6M just before we bought 1-Pizza.com

Pizza.com Domain Sells for $2.6 Million | WIRED
Apr 7, 2008 – Pizza.com Domain Sells for $2.6 Million. … Spurred by the $3 million sale of vodka.com, Clark put Pizza.com up for auction late last month. Although the domain cost Clark $20 in 1994 (plus annual fees), a frenzied auction boosted the final sale price to $2.6 million

Dot Com Names Hold the Most Value

  • Pizza.net sold for a $Million plus just before we registered 1-pizza.com
    • Pizza.net briefly held a high search position 
  • Pizza.biz is languishing as a placeholder site to hawk pizzas.

Value Follows Dot Com Domain Names!