What is a Memory Trigger?

A memory trigger is something that ‘triggers’ someone’s memory to think about something else. In this case by association.

Here’s an example of a memory trigger:

When I see an old barn on TV I think of the farm I grew up on.Image of a catoon chameleon named KiiWii - memory trigger

Good one KiiWii!

How do you make a thought unforgettable?

  • 1-Pizza will help people remember who to call when it’s time to order pizza.
  • 1-Pizza will ‘stick’ in people’s memory and no other domain name has a memory trigger to a phone number.

Picture a White Polar Bear….

Got it?Picture of White Polar bear walking across the ice

Now forget it. Ha, not so easy.

Now visualize that 1-Pizza.com looks like a phone number.


It’s an Internet and Phone Number Memory TriggerImage of a phone dial keypad

Once you get it, You can’t forget it!

If someone is hungry for pizza and see their phone, chances are they will associate ordering a pizza by phone with 1-Pizza.com that looks like a phone number.