Niche Domain Names

1-Keyword Niche Domain Names Defined:

An industry keyword preceded with the number one (1) and a hyphen to mimic a US phone number. Example:

We identified and defined the 1-Keyword domain name niche as a domain name that contains several features that pure, organic domain names don’t have.

Additionally, we discovered useful ways to utilize these domains to gain leverage against competitors.

This domain name niche has a hyphen and contrary to domain insider thinking, the hyphen adds value.

Contrary to domain insider thinking, the hyphen adds value. It adds value because it makes a connection for customers; The elusive connection between the Internet and phone centric businesses.

A case study of a business need for 1-Keyword premium niche domain names.
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Unique, Clever Integrated Pizza Marketing Features

  • 1-Pizza looks like a phone number

    • Short, easy to remember

  • Alphabetical superiority in phone lists tops AAA Competition

  • is shortest pizza domain name that has ‘added value’ and makes sense to humans.

  • Everyone will remember that 1-Pizzza looks like a phone number when they pick up a phone to order. (if you have crappy cell phone service you know why people still call to order pizza)

Only 1-Pizza can compete with

  • 1-Pizza can become the best competitor for Top 10 organic search results.

1-Dash Keyword Niche Domain Names

Connect Internet Keywords to the Phone with a memory trigger

  • The 1st Name in lists is the 1st Name that gets the call.

  • Visual — 1-Pizza beats everyone in Yellow Pages Phone Listings

Image of 1-Pizza in a Yellow PhoneBook - niche domain names

1-Pizza — Click less, Eat more Pizza. © — the Swiss Army Knife of Premium Niche Domain Names

Swiss Army knife clipart
can be used as a domain name…

             or a convenient shortcut.

The Premium Niche Domain Name

For the pizza industry. is the next shortest domain name after that makes sense to humans.

Niche Domain Names

SPOILER: May require the ability to “think outside the box.”

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