1-Keyword – Strategy Protects Brand

How Strategy Protects Brand

1-Keyword Domain Names

If you need higher performance out of your branding strategy and are stuck with a brand name in an industry that fails to perform because you are late to the internet party or forced to keep on course with established branding, here are some options to consider.

3 Needs Justify a 1-Keyword Strategy

  1. To claim a position for the keyword in SERP ex: 1-pizza.com
    1. Second only to ‘prime’ industry keyword: pizza.com
  2. Adds a marketing asset to claim “Internet Real Estate”
    1. To use as a shortcut
    2. Like YP.com, 1-Pizza.com can be used as a convenient shortcut
  3. To lock out competition if you already own the industry keyword domain name.


1-Keyword defines it

  •   1-Keyword looks like a phone number
  •   Establishes a connection between phone and web

1-Pizza Exemplifies the 1-Keyword Strategy

  • Human nature repeats it
    • Alphabetical Superiority – 1st ad seen gets the call
    • Ordering pizza is still phone centric – People Call for Pizza

1-Keyword domain names are a Visibility Strategy