Why 1-Pizza.com?

1-Pizza — Click less, Eat more Pizza. ©

1-Pizza.com — the Swiss Army Knife of Premium Niche Domain Names

Swiss Army knife clipart
can be used as a domain name…

             or a convenient shortcut.

Clever Integrated Pizza Marketing for Internet and Phone

  • 1-Pizza looks like a phone number

    • Easy to remember

    • Makes the name 1-PIzza a rocking cool ‘memory’ trigger

  • Alphabetical superiority in phone lists tops AAA Competition

  • 1-Pizza.com is shortest pizza domain name that has ‘added value’ and makes sense to humans.

  • Everyone will remember that 1-Pizzza looks like a phone number when they pick up a phone to order. (if you have crappy cell phone service you know why people still call to order pizza)

Only 1-Pizza can compete with pizza.com

  • 1-Pizza can become the best competitor for Top 10 organic search results.

1-Dash Keyword Domain Names

Connect Internet Keywords to the Phone as a memory trigger

  • The 1st Name in lists is the 1st Name that gets the call.

  • Visual — 1-Pizza beats everyone in Yellow Pages Phone Listings

Image of 1-Pizza in a Yellow PhoneBook

We saw Hidden Value in the 1-Pizza.com Domain Name

And we bought it.

Industry experts just aren’t seeing it…HELLO!
…the short names that make sense to humans are all taken.
…and we don’t have the connections to get past the gate-keepers to speak with the Pizza Company decision makers.

We actually bought a lot of 1-dash-keyword.com formatted names but decided to just keep 18 of them… we kept them because they are ‘phone centric.’

The Fed-Ex AAA Auto Repair Video

Why 1st Business Seen gets the call. Choosing a name that starts with the Letter A is at the top of the list. First AD SEEN. Names that begin with a “W” are last seen, fewer calls.

Businesses gamed the system with AA and AA Names because they new human nature and people like “easy.” It followed that people that named their businesses for higher exposure in phone lists wanted calls. The Fed-Ex video makes some fun of this marketing technique taken to extremes.

Pizza Remains a Phone Centric Industry

Despite the internet, people still call to order pizza.

US Sales Top $35B Annually – Mostly to Pizza Hut

1-Pizza.com could connect the dots to “A Top 100 US Pizza Company.”

What is a Memory Trigger?

A memory trigger is something that ‘triggers’ someone’s memory to think about something else. Image of a catoon chameleon named KiiWii


1-Pizza is an Internet and Phone Number Memory Trigger

Once you get it, You can’t forget it!

Picture of a Pizza box with one slice outside - Think outside the pizza boxThink outside the pizza box!

Yes, 1-Pizza.com is a short domain name.

Yes, industry spurts notice the domain name has a hyphen but don’t see the connection between the internet and the phone centric nature of pizza sales.

Old School Business Owner’s Insight

Business owners see value and understand it but everyone else is stuck in the box. And Pre-Google Business Owners hate Google because Google quickly devalued traditional branding with the advent of organic keyword search, upsetting the value of long established marketing assets.

The Pizza Industry is plagued with the need to compete against Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza lost leader coupons. 1-Pizza.com could be your shortcut to stopping the need for expensive CPC ads to push value offerings competing with competitors $5 coupons….

La Quinta “Think Outside the Box” Video

KiiWii the chameleon is lovin’ this pizza gig! Image of a catoon chameleon named KiiWii

The 1-Pizza.com Creation Date was November 6, 2007, and has been dreaming of a permanent pizza home ever since. You know, one with pizza ovens, pizza delivery and lots of cheese…

Located in the good ole USA, 1-Pizza.com has only one pizza pizza guy and he does all kinds of awesome things.


1-Pizza.com has MORE and BETTER INGREDIENTS than what industry experts see.

  • Like the ingredients in a Naked Pizza, 1-Pizza.com is a Superbiotic Pizza Domain Name

  • The 1-pizza.com domain name looks like a phone number

    • It will brand your business as a business that answers the phone!

The 1-Pizza.com Recipe for Success

1-Pizza.com is the missing Lazy Y connector

Pizza Domain Names are too long and hard to remember

The internet shook up the traditional AAA 1st Name seen gets the call with ‘organic keyword value’ dominating search results.

  • Wait, did you just say that most pizza domain names are “big blobs slathered with $$ sauce?”

Yep. Most of the ‘other guys’ domain names have two features — one ingredient strips the ability to connect with people’s memory. The other ingredient piles you up with all your pizza competitors assuring high ad costs and expensive teaser offers.

Secret Pizza Ingredients

And there are secret ingredients to disclose about the 1-Pizza.com recipe if and when someone gets serious about beating Pizza Hut or Domino’s Pizza.

  • Ya, secret, kick a$$ skinny dippin neckid ingredients.

Secret Hints: nope. nada, N/A

Organic Keyword Goodness

Uhh, besides missing stores, ovens, pizza chefs and delivery drivers, 1-Pizza has lots of organic SEO goodness.

C’mon, it’s funny, let’s talk about tossing Your Pizza Business a life line and getting outside that pizza box.

Cartoon chameleon tosses a life vest1-Pizza.com is the Swiss ARmy Knife of Pizza Domain Names

1-Pizza — Click less, Eat more. ©

KiiWii the chameleon is having fun! Image of a catoon chameleon named KiiWii