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Making Money in 1st Place

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Being in 1st Place Matters

Half the battle is showing up…

Alpha-numeric superiority wins half the war for 1-Pizza.com

Search Engine Watch: 53% of Organic Search Clicks Go to First Link [Study]

, October 10, 2012

When it comes to clicks on those organic listings, 53 percent go to the top result. The second sees 15 percent of the action, the third 9 percent, the fourth 6 percent, dwindling all the way down to 4 percent to round out the top 5.

“Since the vast majority of listings on a SERP [search engine results page] are organic, and the majority of clicks are on the first listing, it’s imperative that brands strategy including constantly monitoring results due to the ongoing evolution of search engine algorithms,” Compete analysts advise.

Because Being in 1st Place Matters to Business and their customers.

KiiWii the cartoon chameleon says: 1st Place Makes MoneyKiiWii says: 1st Place Makes Money