You Know Why Pizza Hut Bought for $2.6M

Pizza Hut wanted to secure the #1 position in search results. Because they wanted to protect their brand as the market leader. And because they could…

  • Pizza Hut Logo - You Know Why Pizza Hut bought Pizza.comPizza Sales in the US exceed $35B annually

    • The US Pizza business is competitive!

    • According to Google, here are about 52,400,000 web pages that contain the keyword “pizza” Sept 2013

  • About 951,000,000 results for

  • Owning pushes a competitor out of a top position in Google SERP

  • Because is inferior to as an organic keyword.

    • is organically equal to any of the other top 100 pizza names

    • spends more on SEO and Social MM to be #1 in Google

Why wouldn’t Pizza Hut buy

If you were Pizza Hut you would crush your competitors any way you could. So if you had the opportunity to buy the shortest keyword pizza domain name back in 2008  — you would.

CNET: domain name fetches millions

The seller of “” seems in shock after he manages to rake in $2.6 million from the auction of the domain name.

Who would’ve thought a generic domain name would still have the capacity to pull in big bucks? Chris Clark, the seller of “,” seemed a bit in shock after he managed to rake in $2.6 million from the auction of the domain name.

“It’s crazy, it’s just crazy,” he told the Baltimore Sun after the close of the auction on Thursday.

Clark, who owns a software company, registered the domain name 14 years ago for just $20. Nothing fruitful ever really came of the domain, so he sat on it for a while, and then he and a friend turned it into an advertising and pizza directory. Then, they heard about the fortuitous sale of and decided to try their own luck with, according to the Sun. By March 29, the bidding hit $2 million and even more bids were coming in.

During the go-go days of the Internet, hopeful companies and entrepreneurs snapped up easy-to-remember, generic domain names

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