At least 3 Factors Create the Need to Buy

— is a niche domain name and at least 3 of the following factors create the need for purchasing

1. You don’t own

Are you going to quit competing for business? Not likely… has hidden features that will help you compete.

  • The prime industry organic keyword domain name for the pizza industry is owned by Yum Brands and in use by Pizza Hut:

  • And you don’t own as it is also utilized by Pizza Hut.

2. The industry is phone centric like the pizza industry.

  • People call to order (pizzas) ~ looks like a phone number.

3. A hyphenated domain name adds value because 1-Pizza looks like a US phone number.

  • 1-Keyword Domains are 1st in lists
  • If name angst adds to your desire to win…you can win!

    • 1-Keyword Domains are the 1st name in lists because numbers are alphabetically superior to letters.

4. Optionally, Could be Used as a Shortcut

  • A convenience shortcut like is for customers and may be much appreciated.

    • Customers notice…short and easy works!

Our Specialty Niche Domain Names Were Created by a Business Need

Business competition drives our greatest needs and that includes a need to win. Since over half the clicks go to the first name seen by customers and search engines value prime industry keywords over brands, placing organic keyword domain names first makes the number 2 through 10 spots in search results very competitive. is a Niche Domain Name and at least 3 factors create the need for

Features Unique to 1-Keyword Domain Names

  • With a few pizza ovens and some crafty SEO, could compete with in organic search results. Daunting challenge but doable.

We’re Number 2 — vs has an inferior business domain extension left the US market for Russia to sell sushi and pizza. Yuck

A 1-Keyword Domain can Combat Domain Squatters

  • Reduce the value of their efforts and create leverage to buy the domain at a reduced price.
  • A domain squatter captures the name you want (legally or maliciously squatting)

Like land, good domain names are becoming scarce.

With time and adoption, people learn to appreciate the advantages of a 1-Keyword Domain. Other Industries or Businesses could leverage the advantages of a 1-Keyword Niche Domain Name.

Pizza is not the only industry and we only own a few…

We like the usability of the following domain names in these categories:

The Following Domain Names are for Sale:



















  • For the pizza industry. is the next shortest domain name after that makes sense to humans.

  • With proper SEO, is organic search engine friendly .


  • 1-Keyword Niche Domain Names add a marketing asset or create a memorable shortcut for customers.

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3 Factors Create the Need to Buy

1st Name in Lists

Image of pizza listings in a phone directory - 3 Factors Create the Need to Buy