A 1-Pizza.com Investment Will add Value to Your Pizza Brand

Use 1-Pizza as a Shortcut to Your Website!

KiiWi Bubble - Add Value to Your Pizza BrandFor the same reasons Pizza Hut bought pizza.com

  • Connects with customers now.

  • Adds another ‘facing’ for competitors to battle.
  • Locks competitors out of the game

    • Make competitors lose the list visibility war.
    • 1 comes before the letter A

    Why Pizza Hut bought pizza.com?

For the same reasons Pizza Hut bought pizza.net

  • More content pushes competitors down in Organic Search Results

  • Makes competitors spend more for visibility.

  • Escalates the war beyond 2 for 1 Price Offers

Clever Integrated Pizza Marketing for Internet and Phone

  • 1-Pizza looks like a phone number

    • Easy to remember

    • Makes the name 1-PIzza a rocking cool ‘memory’ trigger

  • Alphabetical superiority in phone lists tops AAA Competition

  • 1-Pizza.com is shortest pizza domain name that has ‘added value’ and makes sense to humans.

  • Everyone will remember that 1-Pizzza looks like a phone number when they pick up a phone to order. (if you have crappy cell phone service you know why people still call to order pizza)

Cartoon chameleon says The 1-Pizza Business Life Lline - Add Value to Your Pizza BrandOnly 1-Pizza can compete with pizza.com

  • 1-Pizza can become the best competitor for Top 10 organic search results.

But there is more…