Pizza Domain Name for Sale

Pizza Domain Name for Sale!

Our Domain Name is for Sale

KiiWii says: Click less, Eat more Pizza. © 1-Pizza - Pizza Domain name for saleFeatures

  • Shortest pizza domain owned by an independent.
  • 1-Pizza looks like a phone number

Deal Structure

It may surprise you but we’re not seeking a “whale” to buy

  • nor are we looking to make a brand
  • we are looking to sell for a fair valuation in a $46B+ Industry
  • the idea is that if a major Pizza Company implements or adopts our domain name as a convenient ‘shortcut’ to their site, the value of our other 1-Keyword domain names will increase dramatically.

Comps sold for $2.4M in 2008 to Pizza Hut sold for $1.1m shortly thereafter was purchased by AT&T for an eye popping $3.85 million.

Picture of a Pizza box with one slice outside - Think outside the pizza boxHere’s a hint to the hidden features we mention next:

  • Zillow provides rough estimates of property values and everyone knows the values are low because the property must be evaluated by a appraiser to get an accurate value. Ya gotta go inside.
  • Domain name appraisers are hung up on the hyphen but they are “stuck inside the box.”
  • Business owners with vision will be able to connect the dots.

Hidden Ingredients

>nope ya gotta ask<

Pizza now baking…

Err, this would probably go better for us if we actually had an oven and phone number…

1-Dash Keyword Domain Names for Sale

Organic ‘keyword’ domains that look like a phone number because they start with the number ‘1’ and a hyphen.



And lots more phone centric domain names!

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